Push a small table up against a wall and you can play by yourself. in this version the ball should go wall, table, floor, hands. make sure after you hit it that the ball hits the wall before the table. see how many hits you can do in a row. recommended reading. gaga ball dodgeball where the ball stays on the ground. The video shows this version of the game being played. when a player makes a mistake, they get an x or strike. the game ends after 5 strikes for any player. the player with the least amount of strikes gets to choose a new ball. if it’s a tie, then do rock paper scissors. the game is then reset. With this set of pool balls, you'll receive 16 balls in total that are regulation size, making them perfect for any pool table. most convenient. collapsar deluxe 2 1 4" billiard pool balls marble swirl style billiards ball complete 16 ball set (several style available) 4.6 out of 5 stars. 595. Doubles play. Generates balance statistics on covariates in relation to an observed treatment variable. it is a generic function that dispatches to the method corresponding to the class of the first argument. this page links to each method page and documents the calculation and details of aspects all methods use. for information on the use of with specific types of objects, use the.